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Application to optimize management processes and reduce material costs associated with a construction project

The optimization of the management processes allows to have a greater control of the context of execution of the construction project, analyzing and optimizing the economic factors related to the materials, the distributors and their channels.
Overview of projects in MaterialOptimizer
MaterialOptimizer stores a record of projects completed, materials used and acquisition channels between distributors. All this information can be visualized in different type of charts, adapting the projection to the analysis needs that the manager requires. These representations will provide support in making business decisions as well as in generating budgets. It will facilitate the establishment of commercial relationships with distributors whose materials and channels are recurrent in the projects, as well as the reuse of surplus and spare parts between projects, reducing costs.
Generation of categorized reports to facilitate decision making. Aggregated information is presented for several projects, such as the cost of materials by time period; average, maximum and minimum costs; or the projection and estimation of the cost based on the historical data by client, distributor and channel. In addition, the project histories provide a detailed view of incidents, planning and derived solutions, highlighting the impacts on the business and possible future strategies.This information is presented in a graphic and schematic way so that the manager can improve the development and planning of projects, improving their efficiency.
Reports of MaterialOptimizer
Tracking Orders
The order tracking system provides detailed control of materials, their status and acquisition channels. Thanks to the presentation of relations between materials and distributors, the status of each order can be known, as well as providing alerts and alternative strategies in the event of failures in the original planning. MaterialOptimizer is integrated with the main logistics companies, which allows to check the status of orders in real time. In addition, to make the most of the tool, adapters are offered for more sophisticated integrations, facilitating more complex business analysis models that allow further optimizations of the project costs.
Tracking orders in MaterialOptimizer
Each project provides a system of analysis of distributors and frequent materials. Detailed information is presented to carry out optimizations in material costs by comparing prices between distributors, historical variations and possibilities of reuse. In addition, a price analysis model is offered based on the categorization by type of material and unit cost, generating sets of prices by batches associated with the possibilities of reuse in other projects. In this way, the manager is able to choose the most optimal distributor and channel, taking into account needs that cover multiple projects and reducing costs due to batch purchases.
Analysis of costs and materials in MaterialOptimizer
The idea begins in 2017 during the custom development for a construction company, but it is materialized in the early 2019. We saw the opportunity to create a tool that would make life easier for self-employed people and small companies in the sector that generally cannot afford the cost of complex management tools. With MaterialOptimizer they acquire a simple and intuitive tool to reduce their costs and track their projects.
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Do you want to know how MaterialOptimizer can help your business? Do you want to optimize material costs as well as supplier acquisitions based on more complex rules? Every business is unique, and that's why at Group4Layers we want to know your difficulties, customizing MaterialOptimizer based on your needs.

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