Web Application Architecture

Master web architectures, their applications and design decisions

Web Application Architecture
Advanced course originally intended for experts

This course provides an in-depth evaluation and exploration of the general concepts and principles associated with web application development. This approach facilitates the creation and evolution of complex systems that need to be scalable, extensible, maintainable and made up of reusable substructures.

By exposing the underlying protocols and technologies, the heterogeneous origin of the data, as well as the communication languages and patterns, an understanding of the construction of robust web applications is facilitated. A set of real applications, both monolithic and distributed, are detailed, facilitating the understanding of design decisions that affect the future of web architectures.

  • Software Architecture
  • Web Development
  • Internet protocols
  • Services
  • Maintainability
  • Performance
  • Servers
  • Browsers
Duration6 hours, 2 days
Optional extensions3 modules and 4 activities
Real example The Werft-projects product arises and solves many of the problems seen as a result of the process of building web applications, observing the evolutionary needs and bottlenecks of their architectures.
  1. Introduction: from web pages to web applications
  2. Core internet protocols and languages: HTTP, HTML and XML
  3. Web servers: top-down approach
  4. Web browsers: fundamentals and design decisions
  5. Approaches to Web Application Development
  6. Web Applications and architectures: 3 real world examples
  7. Search technologies, DSLs and trends
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