Vue.js Framework

Incrementally build efficient, extensible front-end web applications

Vue.js Framework

Discover one of the most powerful front-end frameworks available, thanks to its ease of adoption and its progressively incremental modular system. Its architecture and development principles allow to obtain a maintainable and efficient code.

Its strengths are incremental customization, ease of use and flexibility. Moreover, due to its popularity, it has allowed the adoption and incorporation of famous tools and libraries into its system, thus increasing the scope of application. With this course you will be able to develop robust and fast client applications in record time.

  • Front-end
  • Web Development
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Reactivity
  • Web Components
  • Extensibility
Duration6 hours, 2 days
Optional extensions4 modules, 6 activities and 1 project
Real example Product MaterialOptimizer has been created with the Vue.js framework for the front end, designing a client architecture based on combinable components and encouraging reuse with minimum overhead. This has made it easy for us to easily port the optimization system to operators' mobiles and tablets.
  1. Introduction to Vue.js: motivation and philosophy
  2. Core, architecture and reactivity
  3. Testing: vue-test
  4. Routing: vue-router
  5. State: vuex
  6. Dynamic nature, static typing
  7. Scaling Vue through frameworks and libraries
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