Symfony Framework

Build robust applications with the famous PHP framework

Symfony Framework

Symfony is one of the most widely used PHP language frameworks. Used in a multitude of companies and with the support of a large community, its knowledge will allow you to access ambitious Web projects within the software industry.

You will learn the basics of the framework from scratch. You will learn about the tools and facilities it provides and how it orients these to maximize productivity in development. In addition, we will build a real project to put into practice everything you have learned, focusing on the architectural principles and extensibility of symfony MVC.

  • Back-end
  • Frameworks
  • PHP
  • Doctrine
  • Web Development
  • MVC
Duration8 hours, 2 days
Optional extensions5 modules, 7 activities and 1 project
Real example Product Sci-Data-Analyzer has been built with a server infrastructure based on the Symfony framework. After three years of use, we are still benefiting from its flexibility and robustness.
  1. Basic configuration and creation of a project
  2. Components in Symfony
  3. Routing System: Request and Response Objects
  4. Introduction to Doctrine: one ORM to rule them all
  5. Templating system
  6. Dependency Management
  7. Internationalization
  8. Profiling and Testing
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