SOLID Principles

Design clearer, more efficient code through the application of SOLID principles

SOLID Principles

In this course you will enhance your knowledge of object-oriented programming. Learning SOLID principles will allow you to develop cleaner code and make your architectures more maintainable and scalable.

Clean code development requires experience in developing large systems, being a slow and complex learning in most of the cases. The course focuses on these principles to accelerate your evolution as a quality software developer.

  • Back-end
  • Software Design
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Clean Code
Duration16 hours, 4 days
Optional extensions3 modules and 4 activities
  1. What are the SOLID Principles?
  2. Satisfaction of the OOP basis
  3. Single Responsibility Principle
  4. Open/Closed Principle
  5. Liskov Principle
  6. Interface segregation Principle
  7. Dependency inversion Principle
  8. Analysis of application scenarios
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