High Performance Programming

Meet high performance and availability requirements on the Web

High Performance Programming
Advanced course originally intended for experts

In recent years, software projects that require developments focused on maximizing the performance and scalability of platforms have grown exponentially. This is due to market movements such as the growth of online business, the empowerment of social networks or the emergence of streaming platforms.

All these systems and applications have a huge number of concurrent requests per minute due to their visibility on the internet and the massive amount of users, so they require unique high performance needs. In this course we will expose and combine some of the most relevant ones.

  • Full Stack
  • Profiling
  • Caching
  • Continuous Integration
  • Virtualization
  • AWS
  • Docker
Duration20 hours, 5 days
Optional extensions4 modules and 5 activities
  1. Infrastructure as code
  2. Virtualized development configuration
  3. Continuous integration systems
  4. Cache architectures
  5. Search engines
  6. Profiling and active monitoring
  7. Security of your environments
  8. AWS as a cloud service
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