Hexagonal Architecture

Develop modern, maintainable and highly efficient architectures

Hexagonal Architecture
Advanced course originally intended for experts

This course focuses on the construction of scalable architectures, necessary when we are developing software systems that require high performance without penalizing extensibility. You will learn how to detect and analyze different architectural scenarios and how to apply the most efficient design solution for each problem.

Development concepts based on domain entities as well as monolithic architectures and possible strategies to transform them into isolated services are presented.

  • Back-end
  • Software Architecture
  • Clean Architectures
  • Scalability
  • Advanced
Duration10 hours, 2 days
Optional extensions4 modules, 3 activities and 1 project
Real example Product Sci-Data-Analyzer has been designed with a hexagonal architecture in mind, which is why it is still convenient to extend its functionalities and data sources as requested by the research and support teams.
  1. Definition of a port- and adapter-based architecture
  2. Fitting SOLID Principles
  3. Architecture layers and communication between them
  4. Common design patterns
  5. MVC vs Hexagonal Architecture
  6. Design and architecture of our tests
  7. Scalability and maintenance
  8. Monolithic systems and how to break them
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