Erlang & Elixir

Creates robust and flexible applications and services using the functional paradigm

Erlang & Elixir

The Erlang language, its runtime and Erlang virtual machine components provide everything necessary to build low-latency distributed applications with maximum availability. It has supervision mechanisms, facilities for horizontal and vertical scalability, efficient resource management and a system designed from the ground up to enable asynchronous execution-communication.

On the other hand, we will make a leap to Elixir, a language that benefits from all the potential of Erlang, while facilitating its use, allowing us to focus on the problem to be solved. It simplifies and facilitates operations and application construction mechanisms, while increasing expressiveness, eliminating all redundancy and verbosity in our codes.

  • Back-end
  • Availability
  • Services
  • Concurrency
  • Scalability
  • Functional programming
  • Communications
  • Fault Tolerance
Duration16 hours, 3 days
Optional extensions6 modules, 5 activities and 2 projects
Real example Product ExImageInfo has been created with these technologies, and thanks to the mastery of many areas seen in this and other courses offered, the fastest and most popular library for image processing has been produced.
  1. Introduction to Erlang and Elixir: motivation and use cases
  2. The Erlang language: functions, data types, pattern matching and control structures
  3. The potential of Erlang: concurrency, message passing, processes and timers
  4. Erlang's robustness: error handling, signals, exceptions and ports
  5. Erlang/OTP: the system, its components and distributed Erlang applications
  6. From Erlang to Elixir: what does it offer us? advantages and differences
  7. Talking about portability and efficiency: customization, interoperability and performance
  8. Elixir: frameworks, libraries and real applications
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