Clean Code

Improve the quality and design of your code by applying the best guidelines

Clean Code

This course focuses on learning a set of tips and techniques that will allow us to evolve the way we understand software micro-design. We will not focus on specific architectures or limit ourselves to single paradigms, but we will see concepts that we can start applying as soon as possible in our projects, achieving a cleaner and more maintainable code while advancing in the topics.

It has a theoretical approach strongly supported by a multitude of real code examples, facilitating the recognition and elimination of bad software development practices. The use cases encompass improvements at different levels, from the design phases, through the structures and the software construction language, to the testing and error control mechanisms themselves.

  • Software Design
  • Clean Code
  • Design Patterns
  • Refactors
  • Code Smells
  • TDD
Duration16 hours, 4 days
Optional extensions3 modules and 7 activities
Real example Product MaterialOptimizer has been created taking into account known design patterns, modularization and good development practices, facilitating feature outsourcing and maintainability.
  1. The importance of cleanliness
  2. Application of guard clauses
  3. Semantic Constructors
  4. Tell Don't Ask: Anemic Models
  5. Correct use of Interfaces
  6. CodeSmells & Refactors
  7. How to underpin my refactors with tests
  8. Clean architectures
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